Promoting sustainable land use in Uganda

Land management is one of the most challenging issues for rural communities in emerging countries. Whilst cutting timber from nearby woodland provides an easily-accessed source of income in the short-term, excess deforestation risks disturbing the ecosystem, damaging everything from water sources to the soil essential for growing crops.

The project that we have funded aims to address these issues in a variety of ways. It seeks to repair the damage done to date, by replanting heavily degraded areas, in turn putting less pressure on the remaining forest. However, crucially, it provides the funding to develop alternative long-term areas of business that reduce the need to rely on timber as a financial resource.

As well as environmental benefits, including preserving biodiversity, the income generated has a significant social impact for the farmers, many of whom were living previously at a subsistence level of earnings. As a result, the project contributes towards 11 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Details of how each is impacted, along with more information, including a short video, is available on the myclimate website here.

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