Funding solar power in Tanzania

The environmental benefits of replacing fossil fuel lighting systems, such as kerosene lamps, with a solar-powered alternative is fairly obvious, as well as almost immediate, with emissions reducing the very first day that the kerosene lamp is no longer in use. The project to which we have contributed seeks to overcome one of the key barriers to making such a change, namely the initial cost, by financing a ‘pay as you go’ option that makes it accessible to many more within the local population.

In addition to improving the environment, there are huge social benefits to the project. Having better lighting allows people to be more productive, increasing their earning potential in one of the poorer parts of the world, as well as for children to study into the evening. In parts of the world where they are often needed to work on the land during daylight hours, simply in order for their family to survive, this provides long-term opportunity for a better life. Furthermore, a reliable source of electricity allows people to access the internet, which is how much of Africa accesses banking services, as well as reducing food waste through better refrigeration, these being just some of the benefits that we tend to take for granted in the developed world. As a result, the project contributes towards eight of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Details of how each is impacted, along with more information, including a short video, is available on the myclimate website here.

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