“What we like about Phoenix is the personal touch. As a client, you really feel like an individual that matters. As well as managing our investment and pension portfolios, Phoenix have helped us structure our estate planning in order to provide the maximum benefit to our children.”
Crispin & Felicity T
"The team at Phoenix Wealth Management took the time to get to know me as a person, as well as my financial objectives. Very soon, I want them to do the same with my children, and I very much see them as trusted family advisers. They provide a brilliant mix of great service, strong performance, and personal touch.”
Annabel V
“I have worked at the company for over two decades but, when my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2019, I had an equal focus on my role as client as on team member. The help that we had from my colleagues was invaluable, as getting ‘our ducks in a row’ financially was key to providing both myself, and more importantly my husband, with peace of mind. As a result of their work, in both maximizing our arrangements and explaining them to us, my husband knows that myself and our boys face a financially secure future.”
Angela B
“When Phoenix Wealth Management took over the management of my financial planning in 2019, they explained my options in clearly understandable terms, before simplifying my arrangements to make them more manageable. Since then, they have kept me well updated on the progress of my investments, with their six-monthly client presentations being especially informative, and presented in a way that makes them easy to understand. Despite the turbulence in financial markets in recent years, I am more than happy with how Phoenix have been able to grow my investments.”
Peter M
“Phoenix have been looking after our finances for 15 years or more, during which time they have helped us with not only our own planning but that for the next two generations, from us down to our grandchildren. Over the years, we have been very well cared for, particularly by Brendan O’Ciobhain and Angela Barney, with whom we have worked most closely and whom we consider more as good friends now than simply business acquaintances.”
Adam & Penelope W
“I have been a Phoenix client for over 20 years, and would happily recommend them. In that time, they have managed my planning through a variety of life events, adapting it as needed, whilst protecting against market headwinds when they have occurred. Although I consider myself financially literate, I know that trying to do so without the information and guidance I have received would have been very hard, and stressful. I feel understood and looked after. There is transparency, and the team are open about any challenges, but I have witnessed how hard they have worked to continually improve their services, whilst responses to questions (even the dumb ones) are friendly and speedy. Looking forward to the next 20 years.”
Gary M