The ‘Commitment Bulge’

  • Your earnings will often be rising at the highest rate in percentage terms that you will ever experience in your career, as they are coming from a relatively low level.
  • Your disposable income will be increasing but this may happen for a limited period only, as your expenses are likely to follow your income upwards as you take on higher costs for core expenses like housing and discretionary items around lifestyle. You will benefit from taking advice on some of these costs to ensure things stay manageable, for example on how to ensure that any mortgage taken on is affordable not just at outset but for the longer term.
  • You may be finding that this seemingly ever-growing mountain of expenses is becoming a real pressure point, with expenses exceeding income, especially if you have children. If that is the case then you will benefit from taking advice on how to manage your way through this period.


  • Workplace and personal pensions
  • Short-term savings e.g. deposit accounts and cash-based Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
  • Medium-term savings e.g. investment-based ISAs, General Investment Accounts, Offshore Bonds
  • Mortgages