• Having arrived at retirement, you will be living off the assets accumulated during your working life, although this may only be partial, as an increasing number of people phase in retirement, or ‘semi-retire’.
  • You will be faced with some major decisions about how you fund your retirement, some of which are irreversible and, once taken, will affect the rest of your life. Therefore, getting quality advice to ensure that you make the right decisions is invaluable.
  • Having started your retirement, it is likely that you will need advice throughout your retirement, as your circumstances will still change over time. Furthermore, if you are living off invested assets, they will still need to be managed and your financial plan monitored to ensure that you will deplete them during your lifetime.
  • Once retirement has begun, you may well turn your mind to how you wish to pass down your estate to your beneficiaries, ensuring that your estate ends up in the hands of the people that you wish as quickly and efficiently as possible. Estate Planning is a highly complex area so advice that takes into account both your needs and those of your beneficiaries can be essential to achieving your goals, and the Family Office model helps by ensuring that the needs of all involved parties involved are taken into account within the planning.

Typical services used

  • Retirement Options e.g. annuity and Flexi-Access Drawdown advice
  • Short-term savings e.g. deposit accounts and cash-based Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
  • Medium-term savings e.g. investment-based ISAs, General Investment Accounts, Offshore Bonds
  • Cashflow modelling
  • Estate and Succession Planning