On 4 December 2011, Jennifer Dackombe, our Investment Analyst, gave birth to her first son, Harrison. He was born some 12 weeks premature and spent the first months of his life in the Neonatal Unit of King’s College Hospital in London. Fortunately, Harrison was a fighter and, after 70 days, he was allowed home.

Clearly, this was a period of stress and anxiety for Jen and her husband Darren, but one that was made more bearable by the fantastic support they received from the team at the hospital. In order to express the family’s appreciation, and to celebrate Harrison turning 10 years old, Jen and Harrison have decided to complete 70 laps of Kenley Aerodrome, their local cycling spot, in order to raise funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where Harrison spent his early days.

With the route around the aerodrome being 1.8 miles, this is no mean feat, with the total distance covered being the equivalent cycling from of London to Bristol. As a result, they will be completing the laps over the period of a week, culminating in a final set of laps on Saturday 11 June 2022. Should you wish to sponsor them and raise money for this worthy cause, as we will be doing as a business, their fundraising page can be found here.

However, should you wish to get more involved, we would love you to do so. A number of us will be joining them on the day itself to cycle the laps with them as moral support and in recognition of their efforts. In addition, we will be raising our own sponsorship as well. Now, we appreciate that finding the time to cycle such a distance will not be possible for everyone, either through time or (let’s be honest) fitness constraints. However, the key is to get as many people as possible participating to raise awareness of, and money for, the cause. Therefore, we would say this: do 70 for Harrison, however you do it!!

By way of example, we have several groups who have formed teams to do 70 laps on 11 June between them, just to spread the burden. Equally, you could do 70 laps of your own local park, whatever distance that is, or cycle for 70 minutes if cycling is not really your thing. You can even take the approach of the late great Captain Tom and do 70 laps of your garden. Every penny raised helps, so please get involved in whatever way you see fit. In order to fundraise yourself, you can join the team by clicking here and set up your own Just Giving page linked to theirs. Should you have any issues, or simply want to chat through how you could get involved, please feel free to call Jen on 020 3697 8906.

We will be providing further updates here as we go on but, for now, please help in whatever we you can. It is a very good cause that touches the lives of many people, and we want to raise a meaningful amount of money to help save the lives of more children in the future.