Investment Management

Whilst we are financial planners, we believe that having investment management expertise within the practice is essential if we are to maximise the outcomes for our clients. Whilst not every piece of work that we do for clients involves investing, the returns that they achieve on their assets are key to understanding the likelihood of them achieving their goals and the risks within their planning. In short, investment management is the engine that powers the financial planning car and, the better the engine, the more reliably the car will get you to your destination.

Our Research Team spend a lot of time meeting with fund managers to keep abreast of markets and to decide which are the best with whom to invest our clients’ money. These ideas are fed into our Investment Committee which is made up not only of members of our team but an appointed Discretionary Fund Manager, currently Smart Investments, to provide further resource and insight. This allows us to ensure that, whichever type of investment solution is most suitable for a client’s financial planning needs, it is best of breed and therefore maximises the planning.

As we are independent, we will consider all investment solutions and, whichever ones are chosen for a client (as more than one may be appropriate), we will monitor them and recommend changes as necessary. Below is a list of the more common options recommended for our clients but the list is not exhaustive, as some solutions are not available to, or suitable for, all clients.

  • Advisory model portfolios
  • Discretionary model portfolios
  • Discretionary bespoke portfolios
  • Managed funds
  • Multi-manager funds
  • Specialist single strategy funds