Independent advice

Whilst not every client will require access to every financial planning solution available in the market place, it is impossible to know which solutions will never be needed by any of our clients. Therefore the only way to ensure that they get the very best advice is to be able to access the entire market across all areas. This requires us to be “independent” as opposed to “restricted” which, as the name suggests, limits the options available to a financial planner and therefore to you, the client.

Do not let anyone tell you that this does not matter: in the current market, independence is very important and we invest a lot of time and money ensuring that we have the additional resources required to cover the whole range of options and therefore provide the best financial planning solution possible.

In addition to the regulatory definition of independent, we are a privately owned company with no external shareholders. In particular we are not owned by any financial services companies so, when it comes to deciding which company to use for a financial product or investment solution, no third party can influence our decisions.

As a result, our clients get the very best, genuinely independent advice.