It is inevitable that a business will have some negative environmental impact, as any activity will use some sort of resource. However, having taken steps to minimise that impact, we take steps to mitigate what remains. The myclimate Foundation in Zurich audits our business annually to calculate our ‘carbon footprint’ in terms of how much carbon dioxide (CO2) it generates. Thereafter, we invest in projects that offset those emissions, making us ‘carbon neutral’.

myclimate help us to find suitable projects, liasing with sponsoring organisations like the United Nations. We have invested in a range of projects which are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By doing so, our contributions not only offset our emissions but provide people in emerging countries with an opportunity to improve their lives whilst doing so. Further details of some of the projects that we have supported can be found below.

Reforestation in Nicaragua
In 2020, we funded a project in Nicaragua that “supports small farming families in reforesting unused parts of their land with native trees, offering concrete…
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