We believe that charitable work brings multiple benefits. It is a key way to engage with the communities on which our business depends, providing help and support to those in need or supporting efforts in areas like medical research to address long-term issues that many of us will face in our lifetimes. However, as with our sustainability work, it has the added benefit of allowing our staff to feel proud of the business in which they work, and a happy team is an effective team.

With a multitude of deserving causes, it is not possible to support all of them, so we encourage members of the team to decide which charities we support. These selections are often based on personal experience, with one or more members of staff having benefited from the work of the charity in question. It is for exactly that reason that we have supported Macmillan Cancer Support for many years, with the team having raised many thousands of pounds through their annual Go Sober For October initiative. However, we have raised funds for other charities suggested by staff, including Marie Curie and, for the first time this year, Movember (more details of which can be found below).

Finally, in addition to our corporate fundraising, we support a number of charities on an ad hoc basis when asked to do so by staff or clients, as well as allowing all staff to take one additional day off each year (on top of their normal holiday entitlement) to carry out charitable work.